There are many differences between the GameCube and the Nintendo 64 although they are only about five years apart. There has been much debate over which Nintendo system is considered to be “the best.” Although we can’t prove which is truly better, because it is based on opinions, we can look at the statistics and qualities of the systems to help you decide.

Team GameCube:
• GameCube games can be played on both the GameCube and the Wii whereas the Nintendo 64, having its own original cartridges, can only be played on the N64. This leads into a different debate about whether cartridges are better or discs, which we will save for another time. Consider the fact that somebody you know may have a wii though and no GameCube, but they can still play using your GameCube discs.

• The shape of the controller is more similar to most of the other controllers we are used to in other systems. On top of that, it has both a control stick and a C stick which adds more possibility in controls.

• In length and width, the GameCube takes up less space. This leaves more space to stack games, controllers, cords, or any other gaming equipment next to the system.
Team Nintendo64:
• The model of the system can actually be quite handy. You’ll be less likely to interrupt your game because of an accidental push of a button. The GameCube has three buttons on top, Open, Reset, and Power. The Nintendo 64 has only one button, Reset, and a switch for Power. The GameCube almost seems like it’s begging for someone to accidentally press a button.

• Based on the amount of sales of the two systems, the N64 was the more popular choice. It’s obvious based on this alone that there are advantages to it. Overall the Nintendo 64 reaches around 32 million systems sold while the GameCube is near 24 million. That’s a difference of 8 million consumers.

• The difference in the hardware does matter and they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But what many people have noticed is the lack of time when loading cartridge games. Cartridge games are said to have “no load time” while disc games can take longer to load.