It is commonly known that Nintendo usually doesn’t have nearly as good of hardware as the systems that Sony and Microsoft make. That being said, they easily have elite first party software and I.P.s. Even  the Wii U, being the gigantic failure that it was, had great first party games. That being said, every Nintendo fan knows that one of their biggest failures with the Wii U was their lack of third party support. With this post I’m going to be talking about the top 5 games that I want withing the first year of the life of the NX.

5. Ports of good Wii U games



I know this is technically multiple games, but if I didn’t put all of these together, my entire list would be 5 Wii U games. The first port that I want is one of my favorite games, Super Smash Bros. My thing with this is that they need to make it slightly different. Keep all of the same characters and modes and such, but do what NetherRealm did with Mortal Kombat XL in the fact that it came with all of the DLC from Mortal Kombat X. So name it like Super Smash Bros Ultimate or something. (Please take my idea, I would feel special) Have it come with all of the DLC characters and stages for free. I would even add some characters. This would potentialy leave a spot for characters that they couldn’t put into the original Wii U game, such as Solid Snake and the Ice climbers, no Wolf, we don’t need Wolf. They could even open up another Smash Ballot, which Bayonetta won the first time around.  I also would love to see a port of Splatoon the same way. Make all of the updates and DLC come with the game along with added weapons and gear.

4. Mario kart 9


Mario Kart 8 was an amazing game. I still sit down to play it, even after I already beat all of the cups. It is such a good game and they can just keep coming up with ideas. I can’t remember if they did or not, but a good idea would be maybe cars that transform. Such as into boats maybe.

3. Elder Scrolls VI


With stories of Bethesda considering developing for the NX and the rumors that the NX will have graphics that live up to the PS4, not the pro but the original, this would be absolutley beautiful. If it will have that good of graphics, why wouldn’t they. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has surpassed 20 million units sold, so even if Bethesda hasn’t announced the new Elder Scrolls game yet, it will obviously happen. They didn’t even put it on the Wii U, and for obvious reasons such as its lack luster hardware, so if they put it on the NX, they will sell even more units.

2. Pokemon Snap 2


The original Pokemon Snap was such a good game. Game Freak has added so many different features that the game would be so different. From all of the new Pokemon, we are at 721 not counting all of the new Pokemon that we will get from Pokemon Sun and Moon, and new features like Mega Evolution and Z moves. We could see all of these in a new Pokemon Snap. I believe that it was in a new trailer, but Sun and moon will have something simalar, but it would be really cool to see it on a home consolle again.

1. Super Mario Sunshine HD


This is a game that I wanted them to release for the Wii U, but that was before any info was rumored for the NX. With the graphics and hardware rumored for the NX, it would be amazing to see this game remade for it. The 3d would also be A LOT smoother now compared to on the GameCube. Also, they could add amibo compadibility. I WANT A MARIO FLUDD AMIIBO AND AN INK MARIO SOOOO MUCH!!!!


(Design idea for Fludd Mario Amiibo)

So I hope you guys enjoyed my top 5 games that I want for the Nintendo Switch. I want to hear your thoughts, so drop your top 5 and tell me why I’m wrong in the comments down below.