On September 23rd, 1889, Nintendo was founded. That day has arrived, meaning that Nintendo is now 127 years old. The man who founded Nintendo was Fusajiro Yamauchi. If the last name sounds familiar, that’s because his grandson is Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo’s third president, joining in 1949 and stepping down in 2002. Video games obviously didn’t exist at the time, but Nintendo did produce handmade hanafuda playing cards. They were very popular, and still are. Nintendo still makes playing cards in Japan, and they’ve even organized their own contract bridge tournament called the Nintendo Cup. Realizing that playing cards had limited potential is what led the company to eventually turn to video games in the 1970s. It was during that decade, specifically 1975, that Nintendo adopted the logo that they continue to use today. As for Nintendo’s name, the word “Nintendo” is Japanese. Translated to English, “Nintendo” means “leave luck to heaven”.

Happy birthday, Nintendo!